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Back & Bis

Warm-up – 10 min rope jumps.

In straight sets:

3 sets of 10 alt DB biceps curls (moderate weight)
3 sets of 12 DB bent row (moderate weight)
rest 90 sec between each set

10 min cardio (moderate intensity)

Post weights used, sets completed and what you did for cardio & warm-up to Yammer.

OH YES! Your first repeat.

OK, let me tell you how this works. You need to go back. Go back and look at your comments from last time we did this one.  Hopefully you gave yourself detailed instructions on how to progress through this one the next time it comes up. If you did you’ll see which weights to use (read: MORE than last time) and whether you have progressed or not. See how it works? So cool.

I’m guessing you have progressed. Would love to see how much. Please post comments.

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